Terms & Conditions

Acceptance of orders
All written orders are accepted in accordance with the following conditions unless expressly excluded or varied by contract or quotation.The company accepts no responsibility for errors or misunderstanding on orders not placed or confirmed in writing. In the case of any discrepancy between the following conditions and any terms or conditions stated by the buyer on his order or otherwise these conditions shall prevail.

Prices discounts and carriage term are subject to variation by the company without notice and all goods will be invoiced at current prices at the time of dispatch from our factory unless quoted as firm for acceptance within a specified period.

Catalogues and price lists
Prices and other information contained in price lists and catalogues are not intended to be part of any contract or agreement.

Settlement terms
All invoices must be paid within 30 days immediately following the month in which the goods are delivered. Interest at 2% per month is payable on overdue accounts.

Not withstanding the acceptance of any order or the delivery of goods, Ownership of the goods supplied by the company shall remain vested in the company until payment in full has been made to the company. In the event of non-payment the company shall be entitled to re-possess the goods and shall have the same rights in respect thereof as an unpaid seller in possession. The customer shall have the power to re-sell the goods to a third party in which case in the event of non-payment by the customer the company shall be entitled to the proceeds of re-sale in the hands of the buyer or any liquidator, Receiver or trustee in bankruptcy of the buyer.

Time quoted is based on information to hand at the time of the quotation and is the estimated date of dispatch. No liability is accepted for delays or the effects thereof. The risk of any loss or damage to or deterioration of the goods from whatever cause arising shall be borne by the customer from the time of dispatch from the company premises.

Off Loading
The buyer shall be responsible for all off loading and will indemnify the company for any damage or liability, which may occur.
engineers. If you have any problems or queries regarding our shrink-wrap guns, please contact your supplier, as tampering or dismantling of the gun will invalidate your warranty.


All of our ShrinKit guns come with 12 months warranty from the date of purchase on all parts and labour.

Your ShrinKit heat gun has been manufactured with great care and attention using quality materials. Tests and inspections have been carried out during the gun's production. For all service, repair work, spare parts and accessories please contact ShrinKit Ltd. Warranty of operation for 12 months from date of purchase on all parts and labour under the following conditions:
  • That the operation of the ShrinKit gun complies with the user guide and instructions.
  • That the ShrinKit heat gun has not been dismantled or tampered with.
  • That the ShrinKit heat gun is physically intact. The handle, cowl, burner and trigger must not have been mistreated or deformed in any way.
  • The thread of all fittings must be intact.
  • All replacement parts must be original ShrinKit spare parts.
ShrinKit shall not be held responsible for any accidents, including persons or goods, which arise from incorrect usage, or failure to comply to any instructions, safety warnings, user guide or Risk Assessment and Method Statement Document.

Please quote the ShrinKit gun serial / identification number which can be found on the handle for all warranty enquiries.

 Force Majeure
The company shall not be held responsible for any liability to deliver in consequence of war, changes in fiscal policy, strikes, Lockouts, Fire, Breakdown,or any other contingence beyond its control.

Legal Construction
Any contract or arrangement shall be deemed to be made in England and shall be governed by English law for all purposes.

Health and safety at work act 
If you are not conversant with possible hazards relating to products we supply please ask for the relevant information.